A Note on Organic Beverages

I am a recent convert to the organic foods movement. The bottom line is, it is much healthier in important ways. But as with any person engaged in any type of health or dietary situation, I am prone to allowing myself exceptions. (In other words, I cheat.) When it comes to growing the ingredients for my wine, coffee, tea, and spirits, I am very concerned about how the quality might be affected with the focus being shifted from growing the right plants in the right soil to make the right beverage, towards, well, anything else at all, including organic certification. Therefore, I have always tended to avoid such organic beverages.

But I am very glad to report that quality need not be a sacrifice. I have been finding more and more organic products of which, had nobody told me that they were organic, I never would have imagined the production to involve anything other than a thorough concern for the highest quality beverage.

Therefore, I have begun to drink organic. I do not make organic certification (or any similar criterion) an absolute requirement, of course, but organic stuff is now granted full access to my shelf.

On this website, I will make an effort to include a number of organic products among those that I review, and also assign a distinct tag for organic beverages. This is for the benefit of my readers, of myself, and, if I may be permitted to flatter myself so, of the relevant industries.

Click here for reviews of organic beverages.

-Adapted from the review of Organic Peruvian Coffee

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