For The Love Of It All

I cannot remember a time when something good to drink did not rank among my very favorite things in the world. A fine wine; a rich coffee; a delicate tea; a piquant spirit; even a refreshing craft beer can put a smile on my soul like little else. Regardless of what the "it" is, I love it because it tastes good, I love it because it is interesting, and I love it because I am good at it.

Gastronomy in general is an inclination - I have yet to hear a negative feedback on a restaurant that I have recommended - but beverages in particular fire my heart and mind as I learn more about drinks and drink more of what I learn about. The beverage is my favorite way to experience aesthetic. It is also, I find, a good way to stay close to the people I love. Friends and family continue to refer to me for ideas on everything from morning coffee to a sophisticated digestif, and are always glad to share in my latest finds. (It's mutual, guys.)

This website allows me to share the nice drinks in life with the rest of the world, but that is not the half of it. I have never been one to passively enjoy what other people do without getting involved, and this website is more about joining the wider worlds of wine, coffee, tea, and spirits than it is about having everyone else read my own stuff.

Please, do not be shy about giving me feedback. As long as it is appropriate, honesty will always be accepted and appreciated. I look forward to gaining both knowledge and friendship. I am also, of course open to recommendations. Those who produce or distribute quality beverages are welcome and encouraged to solicit a review from me, with the understanding that I will not publish a review that is anything less than heartfelt.

Thank you all for reading "The Nice Drinks In Life". I hope that it continues to be as pleasant for you to read as it is for me to write. Salut!

Daniel Mencher
Long Beach, NY

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